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Attorney in Fall River, Massachusetts

I am attorney Kenneth D. van Colen of The Law Offices Burke, Espinola, & van Colen, in Fall River, Massachusetts. I provide experienced legal counsel and representation to meet the legal needs of residents of southeastern Massachusetts.

I invite you to learn more about how I can use my experience to help you resolve your legal matters quickly and effectively. Contact my law firm to schedule a free consultation. I can meet at a time and location that is most convenient for you.

Criminal Defense

When defending a criminal case, it is absolutely imperative the prosecutor understands that the defense attorney has the skills necessary to go to trial. My career as an Assistant District Attorney taught me the valuable trial skills that many criminal defense attorneys lack.

I have spent many hours in the courtroom, and I can win in a trial. I can answer your questions about criminal defense. I will aggressively defend against your criminal charges, including:

Personal Injury

Injuries that result from the negligence of another deserve to be compensated. As your personal injury lawyer, I will do the research and investigation that is necessary to ensure that your case is settled to your maximum benefit.

No one should have to face a personal injury or wrongful death claim alone. I work with individuals injured in car accidents, auto crashes, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents, and provide superior counsel for families considering filing a wrongful death suit.

Divorce and Family Law

Marital breakdown is among the most difficult issues an attorney can handle. Most clients seeking divorce have lost a nurturing relationship, only to be replaced by seemingly endless legal bickering. Depending on the length of the marriage, extent of assets and presence of children (even from an earlier marriage), splitting up may be complicated. Where children are involved, courts always defer to their best interest, vulnerable as they are. Regarding division of assets, support orders and custody, the children's best interest will rule.

The laws on alimony changed drastically in early 2012. If you have existing alimony, it may be possible to modify your alimony arrangement under the new law. Additionally, I can help you understand how these new laws will impact your alimony during your divorce.

As your divorce and family law lawyer, I will take the time to listen to you, so that I may better advise you as to your best legal options. Your case will not be handed off to a paralegal, nor will it be contracted out to a "volume" business attorney. If you are facing divorce or a child custody, child support, marital property or spousal support dispute, do not attempt to go it alone.

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